What To Know When Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD products online can be confusing but there area few ways to make sure the products you want to buy are what they say they are:

1. A reputable vendor and Certificates of Analysis

People have noticed when purchasing CBD online or even locally that their CBD is not quite up to standard. Recently an NBC station in Miami found 20 out of 35 CBD products contained less than half of CBD than advertised. In Houston, the police found illegal synthetic cannabinoids in CBD products

A reputable seller usually includes one that sells CBD exclusively. Amazon, Etsy, and eBay may sell CBD products listed as hemp extract or hemp oil and often times not grown in the United States. Some of these products are reliable but the difficulty in determining that may be too risky. It is better to avoid these websites for buying CBD altogether. One factor to consider is the reviews left on the product. An established seller tries to educate the community about CBD and cares about their customers experience.

A reputable seller that wants to educate will have Certificates of Analysis (COA) available. The COA should come from a third party laboratory. This ensures an unbiased report of how much CBD is actually in the product. This transparency creates trust between the buyer and seller. If a COA is not available on the website, you can email the company and ask for one. To know how to read a COA read our blog on COAs.

2. Where the hemp was sourced, how was it extracted, and what type of CBD was used?

Hemp sourced from the US are the most trustworthy. CBD extracted with CO2 will be the purest. The types of CBD include broad spectrum, full spectrum, and CBD isolate. For more information about the "types" of CBD, read our previous blog post. The choice of what type of CBD you want varies depending on what is most suitable for you. 

The best choice isn’t always the company will the prettiest website and the most marketing. These seller could be masking what is in their products and being deceitful. Doing your research is of upmost importance when buying CBD. It is worth taking the time to ensure the product is what they say it is. Harm can occur if one buys a subpar product.

To purchase American made CBD products with labels reports, click the link below:


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